International promotion

The Dutch performing arts practice is tightly intertwined with the international performing arts scene. Makers, companies, venues and festivals connect with foreign-based partners in countless ways. The Performing Arts Fund NL encourages those connections in a number of ways. Grants and programmes support the activities of makers and organisations. The Fund also focuses on the international promotion of performing arts from the Netherlands.
International promotion
The Performing Arts Fund NL actively promotes Dutch performing arts internationally, for which purpose it works closely with partners inside and outside the Netherlands. The Fund conducts international promotional campaigns to increase the visibility of a specific genre (dance, theatre or music theatre, or music) with international potential in a certain country or region. The campaigns aim to intensify contacts between Dutch makers and international venues and festivals. The goal is generally to achieve an exchange, so that Dutch performing arts are presented abroad and the results of international collaborations are presented on stage in the Netherlands.

As a permanent feature of the campaigns, the Fund organises international visitors’ programmes in collaboration with festivals in the Netherlands. This gives international programmers an opportunity to get to know a select range of Dutch performances, either live or via the internet. A campaign also comprises international residencies, exchange projects and showcases.

(Upcoming) projects
At present, projects are ongoing in South Africa and France in the field of contemporary playwriting. The Fund is working on a campaign to promote contemporary Dutch music in France, together with French and Dutch music festivals and venues. A campaign to promote Dutch arts for young audiences in Italy (theatre, literature, film) is currently being prepared.

See the international programmes for an up-to-date overview of activities within the international promotional campaigns.

Grants and other programmes
Besides the international promotional campaigns, the Fund also has a number of grants supporting internationalisation, intended for:

Dutch performing artists and organisations with international ambitions;

Dutch venues and festivals wishing to programme international performances and concerts in the Netherlands.

The programme Fast Forward is dedicated to developing talent in an international context. It offers alented mid-career makers the opportunity to work on an international stage. The programme enables them to collaborate with prominent international producers, and in that way to boost their personal artistic development, international positioning and network growth.

In case of any questions, please phone +31 (0)70 70 72 700 (Monday to Friday, 9.00 - 17.00).

For any questions about the international promotional campaigns, please contact:

Anja Krans, programme manager theatre and dance
+31 (0)6 24697297

Bas Pauw, programme manager music
+31 (0)6 82547085